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Bullying No Way


There is no place for bullying at Windaroo Valley State High School. Bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence are all interpersonal behaviours that can create or contribute to negative social environments. Sadly, research suggests that many young people who experience bullying may tell no one. If you believe your child is experiencing any form of bullying please contact the school.

Please refer cases of bullying to the school by using the Student bullying report form.   Once completed please email the report or return it to the administration office on the next school day.  We have put a number of resources at the bottom of this page to assist parents and students in the management of bullying. 

Take a Stand Together

The Take a Stand Together App was developed by all Australian education authorities, working together to create safe and supportive school environments free from bullying, harassment and violence.

Take a Stand Together provides students with tips and advice which they can apply to different bullying situations.

Students can:

•Watch interactive animations on bullying situations and choose different endings to see what happens next. They will learn from the different responses.

•Create their own avatar and choose a positive anti-bullying message so they can take a stand against bullying. Students have the option to post this to social networking sites or add the avatar to a friend in their phone’s contact list.

•Read bullying facts and advice in different types of bullying situations.

Young kids love to use their parents’ phones – install it on your phone and let them investigate at their own pace.

Providing your child with tools to respond to different bullying situations helps build their capacity to deal with bullying at school and online.

Students and parents can find further information or assistance for bullying at the following addresses:

Bullying Resources

The following resoucres are intended to help parents and students deal with issues of bullying.  

For parents and carers:

What is bullying? (PDF, 343 KB)

What is cyberbullying? (PDF, 347 KB)

Signs your child may be bullied (PDF, 352 KB)

How parents can work with the school (PDF, 347 KB)

How parents can support their child (PDF, 349 KB)

What if your child is the bully? (PDF, 342 KB)

For students:

Bullying: What can I do and where can I go? (PDF, 24 KB)

Bullying: What can I do if I see it happening? (PDF, 22 KB)


Cyberbullying (PDF, 1322 KB)

Mobile Phone Safety (PDF, 1201 KB)

Dealing with offensive content (PDF, 1164 KB)

These resources are also available in the Bullying Resouces folder from the Documents page of the school's website.